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Case Studies 

Our pride lies within delivering talent development solutions that make an impact on our customers' lives, driving us to offer programs that engage employees, reduce costs and boost performance. Here's a look behind the scenes at some of our greatest stories.

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HSBC Vietnam

HSBC worked with us to train their employees in leadership and as a result we helped them overcome many internal company issues. Read how HSBC Vietnam invested in their new employees by developing their skills to benefit their future careers.

VNG Corporation 

As VNG Corporation had conquered the Vietnamese market, the next step for this tech company was to crack the global market. Read how VNG worked with us to build their employees communication confidence and become effective foreign communicators.  

Lotte Group

Lotte Group is one of Asia's largest conglomerate and its multicultural teams are managing employees of diverse backgrounds on a daily basis. Learn how Lotte worked with us to transform their employees' mindset and coaching styles to empower their workforce in Vietnam.  

ILA Vietnam

This education company, ILA, wanted to transform their sales teams throughout Vietnam to provide a consistent service within all branches and develop a proactive business strategy. Read what steps MDT took to guide ILA's sales teams to success. 

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