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Customer Service & Experience

Delivering outstanding customer service is important for any company that depends on its customers to be successful.

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High Impact Client Experience

Listening to Internal & External Customers

Managing Customer Expectations

Communicating with Empathy

A loyal customer is a profitable customer

The relationships developed through a single great customer service experience not only can help deliver a sale, it can create a loyal customer that ensures repeat sales for years to come. Plus, with the state of the social and digital age, one incredible customer experience can immediately translate to thousands more. That’s why proper customer service training can help deliver a long-term increase in sales and customer loyalty.

High Impact Client Experience

There has long been a debate about what it means to bring value to a client as a representative.


The most common misconception is that the service/product they are selling to clients is the value that they bring as representatives.


However, when selling a professional service this is untrue. In an increasingly competitive landscape, selling a service based on its benefits is simply not enough to land a sale. Competitors are constantly changing their offerings, clients are more knowledgeable about offerings on the market, and ultimately clients will go with those who bring them value. In this course, employees will be looking at the elements that a representative must master in order to bring value to their clients and therefore allow them to foster a long-lasting relationship with their client.

This workshop will help your employees to:

Make a great first impression
Understand 5 key factors to bring value to clients
Build long-term profitable relationships
Set and manage client expectations
High Impact Client Experience

Listening to Internal & External Customers

The term Internal Customer Voice has increasingly become a buzz phrase. In theory, the corporate world believes that it is imperative to drive elements of the business in accordance to the Internal Customer Voice. This helps organizations create a CUSTOMER CENTRIC mindset and it also ENGAGES employees.

This workshop helps participants decipher and define the internal customer and what it entails to engage (LISTEN) to them. Participants will be made to understand perspective and learn to see things from the Internal Customers point of view. To do this, participants must understand motivation drivers which leads to the appreciation and acceptance of differing priorities. The workshop will help participants create an awareness for the pertinence of these differing priorities and the impact they have on the organization.

The workshop aims to develop business acumen and a SENSE OF OWNERSHIP towards the experiences they cultivate when dealing with their Internal Customers.

asian girl sitting in the middle of 2 people, looking up intently with her hands clasped

Participants must see things from a ‘big picture’ perspective and have a holistic understanding of the organization’s needs. The workshop is crafted to address the Customer Experience and how participants affect it with their management of tasks and client interface techniques. Participants will delve into various skill building activities to develop their Customer Centric practices in the context of Dealing with difficult people and situations, conflict management, demand management and communication strategy.

Completing this workshop will allow your employees to:

  • Define and manage Internal Customers

  • Create and practice a customer centric mindset to cultivate the right customer experience

  • To manage conflicts, customer demands and complaints in a manner that is productive and builds trust

  • To cultivate a mindset of opportunity seeking in the face of challenges/problems

  • To understand and practice customer profiling to improve customer experience

Listening to Internal & External Customers

Managing Customer Expectations

Clients typically work with firms that they believe have the ability to meet their expectations. Every direct or indirect discussion with a customer impacts their experience positively or negatively. Using a proven process gives your staff the confidence in their capability to exceed your clients’ expectations. In this workshop, we will examine ways that your staff can exceed your clients’ expectations by setting, monitoring and influencing their expectations.

This workshop will allow your employees to:


Determine the expectations of their customers


Manage customer expectations in order to exceed them


Use the customer expectations management process

Managing Customer Expectations

Communicating with Empathy

In all business encounters, people have experienced an interaction with a salesperson who has shown an extremely low level of compassion. Although these salespeople may be technically sound and provide a good product, the interaction often leaves us feeling unsatisfied and unhappy with this customer interaction.


This workshop has been created for employees who must communicate with empathy regardless of their personal feelings of the client's situation.

orange speach bubbles

After completing this workshop, employees will be able to:

  • Apply the right tone of voice, pacing and other verbal cues to demonstrate empathy

  • Use effective listening for various client interactions

  • Use empathy to improve customer service and to disarm confused and disgruntled clients

Communicating with Empathy
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