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Sales Excellence

Relationship selling techniques are key to building strong customer relationships which can add long term value. 

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MDT Relationship Selling Model

Handling Customer Objections

Advanced Sales Skills 

Intro to Negotiations 

Advanced Negotiations

Prospecting Potential New Customers 

Building a Professional Network

Sales starts with salespeople 

Whether your company is looking to get more sales conversions, or generate leads in the first place; it all comes down to the person selling your products. Our sales solutions at MDT will transform your teams to overcome any objections and have all the expertise needed to generate great sales results. 

MDT Relationship Selling Model 

This program aims to transform current and new sales team into relationship focused salespeople who are empowered to aggressively grow their portfolio all the while actively managing client and partner relationships.


This change in sales approach aims to improve the client experience by providing value-added solutions from sales employees to customers in Vietnam. The sales team will shift their focus towards a relationship selling model centered on linking a clients desires and needs to one of the company’s unique solutions/products/ services. 

This sales training program is designed to help new and current employees to learn about how to link the company’s products and services with the customer’s needs and desires.


The sales teams will acquire the sales skills essential to being able to thrive as salespeople in a competitive relationship focused industry. Course content related to sales will focus on prospecting, qualifying leads, initiating contact with prospects, building trust with prospects, discovering their needs, recommending possible solutions, handling objections, closing the sale, providing after-sales service and delivering outstanding client experience.

As part of this training program, MDT will provide its nationally recognized relationship selling program BURAS:


  • Build Trust

  • Uncover Needs

  • Recommend Solutions

  • Act & Close

  • Service, Service, Service!

MDT Relationship Selling

Handling Customer Objections 

Objections to sales solutions are a natural part of communication. It is likely in any business situation that objections will have to be overcome before a decision is made. Often employees make the mistake of “handling” objections in such a way that your partner is turned off. Resolving objections effectively is a process that involves careful, sensitive listening along with positive, factual responses to buyer concerns. Your staff will learn to understand that a client’s objections is not always rational. Objections are mostly emotional. They will learn to respond to customers’ emotional needs, along with the obstacles preventing the clients from buying.

After completing this course, your employees will be able to:
  • Discover the 5 key steps for overcoming objections 

  • Discover that not all objections are rational, but instead emotional

  • Learn to respond to the client’s emotional needs in addition to any other obstacles that may be preventing them from buying

  • Identify points of agreement to lower resistance

  • Respond to common objections with confidence and tact

Handling Customer Objectives

Advanced Sales Skills 

two men stood either side of a presentation board in a room with bright windows and business people sat in yellow chairs

As the competition increases, the cost of acquiring new customers is expensive. According to research by Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company, it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer. The majority of companies have a significant amount of sales opportunities within their current portfolio of customers.


The purpose of cross-selling and up-selling is to target current customers and better understand their needs in order to position new products which can provide them value all the while boosting revenues without spending on advertising. Yet cross-selling, up-selling, and growing accounts is a major challenge for many companies.

Course Objectives:
  • Under­stand sales as an advanced type of service

  • Rec­og­nise buyer needs

  • Lis­ten for or cre­ate oppor­tu­ni­ties to cross-sell or up-sell

  • Cre­ate a nat­ural, con­ver­sa­tional bridge to the offer

  • Develop the right strategies and skills for cross-selling and up-selling

  • Recognise different buying behaviours and learning styles to influence cross selling 

  • Develop relationship building skills for influence in cross-selling and up-selling

  • Evaluate and identify appropriate sales opportunities 

  • Develop effective ways to answer objections and manage sales resistance and obstacles 

  • Gain important insights into the customer's decision­ making process to cross-sell or up-sell

  • Close more business

Advanced Sales Skills

Intro to Negotiations 

Negotiations require listening to others carefully, and observing their actions and reactions. Understanding which issues are the most important to your client or colleague is critical in developing a solution that is acceptable to both parties. With a clear understanding of the other person’s desires, you can develop a long lasting relationship built on trust. 

Analysis of the stakes is necessary for preparing a strategy that aligns your counterpart’s needs with your own objectives. By doing so, you can avoid confrontation and instead, engage in a collaborative conversation to arrive at a solution that is mutually beneficial. Everyone’s happy!

You will learn to build rapport by analyzing the actions, needs and agendas of all parties. Apply effective strategies for presenting alternatives, bargaining, and finalizing agreements so that all parties are satisfied. By doing so, you’ll increase the likelihood of future interactions and strengthened partnerships.

This workshop will help employees gain insight to:

Discover where negotiations break down

Practice methods to uncover and appeal to the different interests of clients

Listening and asking questions to uncover their needs 

Apply strategies to move to agreement.

Create open-ended power questions for establishing each negotiator’s needs

Intro to Negotiation

Advanced Negotiations 

Our Advanced Negotiation Skills course has been designed for employees with a strong negotiation background who are looking to take their skills to the next level. Participants will learn to use modern and well recognized negotiation frameworks, improve their self-awareness and develop new techniques to use for complex situations and difficult negotiation scenarios. Our negotiation experts have many years of experience working on contracts with large multinationals in Vietnam, China, Canada, the USA, and Europe.  

Employees gain insight to:

  • Identify their negotiation style, strengths and areas for improvement when negotiating

  • Communication styles for building rapport in the early stages of the negotiation

  • Complete a pre-negotiation plan using the BATNA and ZOPA methods.

  • Use techniques for successful negotiations

  • Deal with high-pressure discussions and manage conflict

  • Close the deal and get the best outcomes

Advanced Negotiatons

To be successful in sales employees must know how to effectively prospect and qualify new leads. Strong prospecting is an extremely important part of the sales process, which results in salespeople to design creative strategies to meet new customers, attract new customers to their firm, qualify leads that enter through advertising channels, and manager their qualify their leads quickly in order to focus attention on clients who matter most.


Ultimately this leads to their ability to overachieve their targets or budget. The Prospecting Course provides employees with comprehensive training in making cold and warm calls, using effective questioning techniques to build trust quickly, telephone skills, identifying market opportunities and more. The course covers every essential skill that impacts prospecting and qualification of leads.

Employees gain insight to:

Researching lead information

Making cold and warm calls

Using effective questioning techniques to quickly build trust

Improving telephone skills & techniques

Classifying and prioritizing leads

Prospecting Potential New Customers 

Prospecting Potential New Customers
Building a Professional Network

Building a Professional Network 

Having a professional network is important to the long term success of a services firm. As salespeople build their network they will have less reliance on the firm’s lead generation team and thus create their own leads through their network. When they can create their own leads, they are  empowered and held accountable to provide excellent sales and client experience, thus transforming quality leads into satisfied clients. In this course, we will help your sales team with having a networking mindset, confidence, and skills to build their own high-yield sales pipeline.

Employees gain insight to:


Building their networking toolkit


Creating a networking plan and targeting strategic partners


How to overcome networking nerves


Developing their elevator pitch and questioning techniques


How to be remembered within 1 minute


How to remember everyone they meet

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