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English Communication

English language dominates the economy. Give yourself the best chance at success by joining the 1.5 billion English speakers around the world.

Be a part of the global conversation

English speaking business people have the best chance at success due to the vast majority of global markets operating in English. At MDT our English training program prepares employees for all work related challenges, whether it be selling, problem solving, or communicating with foreign managers. 

The skills your employees will learn from studying English with MDT...

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Confident Speaking

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Business Writing

Green icon of a person with sound lines coming from the head

Clear Pronunciation

green icon of a person in a suit pointig to a presentation

Impactful Presenting

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Comprehensive Reading 

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Effective Listening

A tailored English communication course

MDT prepare your employees for global business success by teaching basic english, refining English skills and coaching English specific to business, and even specific to the industry you are operating within. 

MDT goes beyond just teaching basic English, we aim to achieve a full workforce of employees who are ready to communicate with foreign markets in the corporate world. 

At MDT we believe that we can create a great impact to your company by developing your employees' business English skills. Even although there are only 360 million native English speakers, there are 1.5 BILLION English speakers across the globe - thats 20% of the whole worlds population. By becoming proficient in this language, it opens up many opportunities and can lead to the development of meaningful business relationships. 

We have two routes to choose from when selecting an English training course to suit your needs: 


Not only is our English courses tailored to suit your business needs, MDT will also design a learning style which best fits with your company. We can create a traditional style program and teach from a textbook, or we also have the facilities to design a custom E-learning program which is taught in a blended learning form, along with classroom training.

General English Communication
Business English Communication



Business English Communication

As a corporate training company, our English lessons come from a business aspect. Rather than just allowing your employees to learn general English, we like to ensure that what they learn can be directly applied to their career. We prepare your employees to be able to conduct interviews in English, to understand different nationalities and cultures and to be able to carry out business conversations - whether it be face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, or over email. 

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close up of 2 people shaking hands with documents on the table

General English Communication

Our general English communication course covers a variety of topics that will prove helpful within day-to-day life, as well as general work-life communications. Within this course, your employees will learn proper pronunciation and speaking confidently. Students will be coached on telephone and meeting skills to prepare them for not only speaking in the English language, but to understand cultural etiquette.  

Soft Skills Electives 

Soft skills are also an important aspect of English communication courses. MDT provides a full service where we look to create confident employees who are comfortable in conflict management, problem solving skills and communicating across cultures.


Our coaching on soft skills will give employees a broader skill base to not only be able to communicate with foreign managers, but to create strong, meaningful relationships which will add long term value. 

Our soft skills electives are options which we can add on to both the General English Communications course, or our Business English Communication course. They are taught in line with these courses and act as a supplement to English skills. 

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