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People Focused

At MDT Training, we're all about people. Our mission is to help businesses in Vietnam boost employee retention and satisfaction through impactful skills development programs. We firmly believe that when employees have the right skills & mindet, they're more engaged, productive, and satisfied at work. Our goal is to be a trusted resource for companies in Vietnam looking to help their employees succeed.

Our Milestones


Where MDT Training already made a difference

Meet The Team

Smiling Young Businessman

Ky Anh Le Hoang

Senior Corporate Trainer

Management & Coaching


Huyen Ta

Senior Corporate Trainer

Sales & Leadership Performance


Andrew Burford

Corporate Trainer

Business English Communication

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Mike Hebert

Founder &
Senior Corporate Trainer


Nam Nguyen

Managing Director & 
Senior Corporate Trainer


Dr. Tri Vu Truong

Vice-President of Strategy


Garret Nelson

Corporate Trainer

Communication & Soft Skills


Leonard Brinks

Senior Corporate Trainer

Communication & Soft Skills

Untitled design (3).png

Emily Doran

Senior Corporate Trainer

Communication & People Skills

Our Style 

Blended Learning

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E-learning Content




At MDT we have developed our training programmes to include more than just one training technique. Our courses are integrated with classroom teaching and e-learning and through time we have perfected the balance between the two to provide a blended learning experience.

These training styles are not only relevant to client needs, but they are cost effective and sure to generate a high-performance business impact. The blended learning increases the effectiveness of our training and best prepares our clients for transferring their skills from the classroom to the office.

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