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Developing Financial Leaders at HSBC Vietnam 

HSBC needed to source a training program for their newer recruits as they looked to improve the skills of employees who have recently joined the company. They want to invest in the future of their employees and show that they are valued at work. 

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Why HSBC Needed Our Help 

We added the international bank, HSBC, as a new client in 2017. HSBC Vietnam wanted to develop their employees’ skills to guide them towards a future career in their bank as team leaders and managers.


The bank requested MDT for help as they were experiencing a high turnover rate, with employees leaving the bank at a much higher rate than expected as staff were disengaged and unsatisfied at work.


With costly and time-consuming recruitment procedures and an unmotivated workforce, HSBC knew they needed to make changes within the company to overcome this issue.


One of their business goals was to become more efficient by lowering their staff turnover and cutting their spend within recruitment.

“to develop their employees’ skills to guide them towards a future career in their bank as team leaders and managers”

HSBC's Goals 

HSBC wanted to invest in their employees’ futures to show the staff that they were valued at work and help them to develop a meaningful career with them at the bank long-term. They were keen to develop the skills and knowledge of 1,700 employees, all whom in non-management roles.
At MDT we tailor our training specific to your needs to create a higher business impact. A HSBC this meant to create two separate training programs which were modified to the level of experience the staff had.
The two groups comprised of those who have been at the company for less than one year, and those who have been at the company for more than one year – to give individuals a training program tailored to their existing skill set and experience.
The objective of the training was to create an empowered workforce who will all be eligible for a team leader role or a manager position within the company after fully completing MDT’s courses.

“we tailor our training specific to your needs

to create a higher business impact”

MDT took on this challenge by training their staff in many different areas, aiming to develop their leadership skills and coaching abilities to prepare for career progression at HSBC.


Our blended method of training is designed to transform both knowledge and practical skills to see the most effective results.


HSBC employees complete regular online training courses, obtain coaching/mentorship from mentors at the bank, and receive training through quarterly classroom sessions which involves role plays, case studies and group presentations. Their learning is also reinforced through specially designed e-learning and monthly coaching sessions.

The MDT Method 

The Topics we Trained...

Effective Time Management

Mastering Client Experience 

Influencing and coaching others 


Working Effectively in a Team 

Handling Difficult Customers & Situations 

Expert Banking Conversations 


24 Months

of Training

From 73% Employee Retention

1700 Employees

$450,000 USD SAVED

To 84% 

Employee Retention

Within the first 24 months of HSBC taking part in training courses designed and delivered by MDT, they have been impressed with the improvements in their employee retention rates, an increase of 11%, from 73% to 84%. As a direct result of this success they have had cost savings of approximately $450,000 USD.


As great as this success story already is, we are continuing to improve these figures as training is still ongoing in, HCMC, Ha Noi and Da Nang, Vietnam. At MDT we strive for perfection and ensure all of our client’s goals are exceeded.

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