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Transforming ILA's National Sales Team

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Transforming Strategies 

One of the few guarantees in business today, is that your business will experience change.

The rapid development in technology trends and the innovative nature of business strategies today has led to a very unpredictable business climate – one in which if you do not make an effort to stay ahead of the game, you will be left behind.


It has never been more important in business to be proactive when it comes to business strategy – a challenge which ILA have been tackling. ILA were tired of reacting to change and feeling as though they had no control over a strategy and they simply could not follow a plan due to them always being a step behind upcoming trends.

ILA wanted to develop their sales teams across Vietnam so that they could guarantee their customers a superior experience through establishing consistency throughout the company.

ILA’s goal was to transform their reactive sales team into a proactive relationship management team able to generate their own leads.

In 2018, we were approached by this national education firm, as they were looking to transform their sales teams across Vietnam. With a full training team in place, they were looking for ways to develop a sales training program which could be consistently delivered by any trainer in any office in Vietnam.


Over the next 4 months, MDT met with ILA’s executive teams and sales teams to gain a deeper understanding of the existing approach to sales that was currently in place.  We then established the skills which were required to transform the sales team at ILA into a relationship-focused team who prioritised building meaningful client relationships. 

MDT's Training Solution

We developed a tiered sales training program impacting the way the sales teams think, act, and manage long-term sales. Our training program blends product knowledge with sales skills to ensure that the sales teams are able to have deeper conversations with customers while delivering outstanding client experience.


ILA wanted to create a greater focus on client experience within their sales team due to the increasing importance of positive customer experiences for generating more revenue – in fact a completely satisfied customer will contribute 14 times as much revenue as a dissatisfied customer, confirming the true value of a good customer experience design.

Adjusting employees' mindsets is necessary to create a team who will have positive client interactions.

MDT trained this sales team on relationship mindset to encourage the salespeople at ILA to rethink the way they may have perceived clients in the past. Our goal was to create an awareness for the value of repeat and loyal customers to ensure they take all the right steps towards positive interactions with customers.


Being able to provide a superior customer experience is a unique asset which is hard to compete with in todays saturated business market. Being able to provide this superior service is the ultimate goal for any business and the topics MDT trained ILA staff on had this goal at the core of our methods.

Customer experience is key to exceeding your customers’ expectations.

We looked at improving existing relationships, as well as engaging with new prospects to create a team who are fully prepared for every interaction they will experience. By improving existing relationships, ILA can save money on prospecting new customers, as acquiring new customers costs 7 times more than maintaining existing customers.


Along with improving customer relationships and managing client experiences, of course for this sales team we also covered training topics on handling objections and closing the sale.


This training program is currently being delivered across many cities in Vietnam and managers have informed us that long-term contracts have been signed with many current and new customers.

Happy customers

create value for companies through

the power of

word-of-mouth communications between customers 

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