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Changing Managers' Mindsets at Lotte Group 

Lotte Group needed to rethink their hierarchical positioning as they were experiencing internal communication and relationship issues which affected decision making, as well as implementing change. 


Why Lotte Group Needed MDT

We first met with this Fotune 500 fast moving consumer goods company when they approached us about improving their internal communications in late 2017. The company was having issues between managers and employees, as well as relationships with senior leaders.


The management style which Lotte Group functioned under was a hierarchical system which saw a top-down approach to communication. This specific model of management was leading to many disagreements which were being left unsolved, causing a lot of internal issues for the company.

A Different Approach 

This individual case was something that was tackled from a short-term approach, as our main goal was to transform mindsets and inspire a new management style. During our training sessions, we covered many topics; our focus was on developing positive attitudes and empowering all employees throughout all levels of staff - from senior leaders to non-management positions.


We developed Lotte Group’s coaching skills so that they learned effective communication when giving instruction and training their own employees internally. Our training days also featured dealing with problems so that when issues do arise within the organization, they have the skills to deal with it effectively and efficiently.  We touched on the importance of ensuring all problems are resolved promptly and techniques on dealing with issues without causing internal disagreements and miscommunications.

At MDT, we like to work with you, not for you. 

A Unique Case 

Although most of the courses which MDT deliver are long term, this situation differs in that Lotte Group only needed very specific training which was able to be delivered in the short-term. At MDT we like to listen to our clients and work with you, rather than for you. We will listen to your goals and help determine the best course of action moving forward, and if that turns out to be a short-term plan only requiring a few days of training then we are happy to provide you with the service you are looking for.


The three-day training course which Lotte Group took part in was received extremely well by employees, and they gave MDT a 5-star review. After their first experience with training by MDT, Lotte Group are now considering further training for their employees in the future, as they now have first-hand experience of the impact which training can make to a team.

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