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Building Communication Confidence at VNG 

VNG asked us to help them expand into global markets by reviewing the skills they needed to communicate at an international business level. 

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Helping VNG Expand Globally 

The leading internet and technology company in Vietnam – VNG - wanted to expand their horizons and establish their company as not only a leader company in Vietnam, but also a brand who has global presence. Their goal to reach foreign markets required excellent communication skills, knowledge on foreign markets and cultural norms to do business effectively with other countries.


VNG came to us in 2016 with a 2-year plan to develop their mobile applications to suit a global audience. They had the knowledge and skills to create a successful product, and a product team who could launch successful apps abroad. What VNG were missing was the foreign communication skills needed to make this happen. They were experiencing difficulties understanding their foreign partners and clients.


This is where MDT came in. To achieve this goal of being able to communicate well with foreign markets, the steps MDT took was to work on English fluency, confidence, and soft skills to improve their international interactions.

A Tailored Training Program 

We worked with the learning and development team at VNG to consult on a training program and designed a series of training courses which suited the needs of the company. MDT has been delivering a business English training program for their employees in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi. Since 2017, the program is delivered over 10 weeks and the objectives are to teach industry specific English lessons, combined with customised soft skills workshops which are built directly into the curriculum.


As every one of our courses are tailored to the specific company we are working with, we always provide industry specific training so that what you learn in the classroom has a direct link with the work you do in the office.  

To give employees the best training experience with MDT, each employee takes an English proficiency placement test where they will be placed in either Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond which range from elementary level to upper-intermediate. This allows us to give each individual employee the right help for their level and encourages a better outcome. 

MDT Training for VNG statistics

VNG's Success 

Since 2017, we have delivered 32 Business English courses to VNG employees, having impacted 640 members of staff within just two years.


The feedback we have received over the last 24 months from VNG employees is excellent, with satisfaction at 88% and course enrolment remaining above 80% throughout the whole duration of the program. 


The most notable feedback shows that since following the English program, 68% of employees agree that they have improved their job performance as a direct result.


MDT’s long-term strategy to talent development ensures that companies are seeing the results they want. Our meticulous efforts to track and measure success not only highlights the success for our clients, but it also is used to guide us in our future, to guarantee a success story for your employees too.







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